Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm in Kenya at the moment for work and have been having a good time overall. Firstly, I have been enjoying the fast internet access. The organisation I am here working with warned me about the slow access. Well, their definition of "slow" is not quite the same as mine (Speakeasy tells me that my download speed is 1029 Kbps and upload 126 Kbps).

Anyway, the apartment I am staying in is pretty nice, though I was told that the street the building is on becomes a red-light district at night, but plied only by high-class prostitutes, I was assured by one of the apartment staff. Notwithstanding, his advice not to take nightly strolls by myself was somewhat redundant.

I have met some very cool and inspiring young ladies, who are brimming with intelligence, ambition and strong desires to effect positive changes in their communities. It's been both an invigorating and humbling experience, I have to say.


Anonymous said...

aunty- you too waka, weytin you find reach that side. Them get afang for that place so? if dem get, maybe my brother fit send me come, make i come hold your hand for waka for that ashawo street wey you dey.


Standtall said...

I am happy you r enjoying yourself as u make impact in Kenya training those bright ladies.

You are needed here too (lol)

GL said...

All the best in Nairobi. I pray your mission is successful, I also hope you will take out time to REST.