Saturday, October 07, 2006


Sitting in Eko Hotel this afternoon, I felt like I could have been almost anywhere in the world, with the ethnic diversity represented in the people who sat round the pool. I was curious and wanted to go round talking to people there to find out what their stories were and what brought them to Nigeria.

There was a group of mostly Americans (going by their accents) sitting close to us. They were such a disparate group and I wondered whether they were exchange students, expatriates, tourists or part of the entourage of any of the artistes perfoming in the This Day concert. Nigeria is still not somewhere where I imagine people visit for fun. I think that it is still largely one of those countries that you visit for a specific reason - usually work-related - and not purely for pleasure. This is a belief borne from interactions with many foreigners living in Nigeria.

Two of the ladies in the group had natural hair. One wore hers in an afro and the other in a twist-out. I realised how much I miss wearing my own hair out. I have definitely been wearing my hair in more conservative styles over the last 9 months. If I don't step out of the box in which I am placing myself, I will find myself in a braids-only rut. Wait, didn't I blog about this dilemma already? Okay, time to do something about it.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

I have a German friend who works as an air hostess for one of the large foreign airlines, and believe it or not when she has some time off work, she comes to Nigeria for her holidays. She loves it!!

Ore said...

Really? That's interesting to know.

d said...

is anyone blogging about the concert?

that girl might have been one of beyonce's band members. the guitarist has an afro.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Olive Garden Restaurant a couple of months ago, and i bumped into my former college principal and his family. They were in Nigeria on holiday,three nights in Lagos followed by a couple of nights in Abuja. It was their first time here and they loved it. Maybe Nigeria might end up a hotspot for tourism one day.

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Naijadude said...

Hmm Nigeria, tourist place? Maybe for adventrous ppl. I met someone here too, that despite all odds, he went to Nigeria, He has been to Nigeria 5 times in the past 3 years. I was like I as a Nigerian havent been there in the past 3 years and he loved it.

I was shocked.