Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oprah & Hair

The website has a few links related to hair; not surprising considering how Oprah's changing styles have been one of the things that we have loved to watch over the years.

On the site now, you can see a slideshow of Oprah's styles.

There's also a clip of Solange Knowles talking about her decision to wear her hair naturally.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Swimming - A Love Story

Protea Kuramo Waters poolPhoto Credit: Protea Kuramo Waters

So, how was your long weekend? Mine was fabulous. I intended on reading, watching movies, sleeping and swimming. And I did all of the above.

I love swimming and started swimming when I was about 8 or 9. However, years of barely catching glimpse of a pool (much less dipping into one) left me with very rusty techniques. Or so I think. Some others would beg to disagree. But I know how breathless I am after a lap and how I feel like I am expending so much energy only to crawl from one end of the pool to the other.

So, it was with great joy that I found a flier in my gym for swimming lessons. It's been great! So far, I have learnt that I need to put more power into my breaststroke. On Thursday, I learnt that I'm not kicking my legs enough in my freestyle and need to be more graceful. However, learning what I need to do and being able to do it have been two very different things for me.

So, what have I actually been able to do? Well, I can now swim near the bottom of the pool, which is something that I never could before. Hitherto, my body refused to leave its comfortable proximity to the surface of the water - which for my sake is probably a good thing. I can hold my breathe for longer and so can swim underwater for longer.

The pool is gorgeous too. Not an Olympic-sized pool by any means, but it's the average size for a Lagos pool. It's right by the Atlantic Ocean, which almost (almost, not quite) leaves you feeling that you're about to leap into the wide blue yonder.

I always thought that it would be fun to be part of a regular swimming group, alas it feels like many Nigerians (women especially) do not share this my love. Well, I'm a water-baby and am happy to be reconnected with my love and learning how to do it better.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bodyworks Fitness Studio

Those who know me know that I am quite the health and fitness nut(!?!)

A few years ago when I moved back, finding a good-quality gym and fitness centre was quite the headache as the options were limited and expensive. Today it's a rather different story. There are several new places to complement the few old faithfuls.

One of such services is Bodyworks Fitness Studio. I love Pilates for it's strengthening and toning benefits, but I could not find it offered anywhere.

Then I heard about Bodyworks and of course I had to check it out immediately. This was October 2006. I spoke to Oyinkan Talabi the founder and CEO of Bodyworks and I started working out with her in her rented facility in Ikoyi.

About 2 year later, Bodyworks moved to its Lekki studio, which is where it can still be found. Classes on offer range from Pilates, Dance Aerobics, Salsa, Hip Hop and TaeBo. There is also a gym and personal training services offered.

Check it out: Bodyworks, 3 Obafemi Anibaba Street (Behind Biscourt Apartments on Admiralty Way), Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

UPDATE: The building is not sign-posted. If you turned into the road from Admiralty Way (by Ebeano Supermarket), Bodyworks is, I believe, the 3rd building on your right. It's a small creamish-coloured bungalow with a black gate. The building is set-back from the gate with a little parking space in front.

They are open from Monday to Saturday.

Phone: 0806.778.4977