Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bodyworks Fitness Studio

Those who know me know that I am quite the health and fitness nut(!?!)

A few years ago when I moved back, finding a good-quality gym and fitness centre was quite the headache as the options were limited and expensive. Today it's a rather different story. There are several new places to complement the few old faithfuls.

One of such services is Bodyworks Fitness Studio. I love Pilates for it's strengthening and toning benefits, but I could not find it offered anywhere.

Then I heard about Bodyworks and of course I had to check it out immediately. This was October 2006. I spoke to Oyinkan Talabi the founder and CEO of Bodyworks and I started working out with her in her rented facility in Ikoyi.

About 2 year later, Bodyworks moved to its Lekki studio, which is where it can still be found. Classes on offer range from Pilates, Dance Aerobics, Salsa, Hip Hop and TaeBo. There is also a gym and personal training services offered.

Check it out: Bodyworks, 3 Obafemi Anibaba Street (Behind Biscourt Apartments on Admiralty Way), Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

UPDATE: The building is not sign-posted. If you turned into the road from Admiralty Way (by Ebeano Supermarket), Bodyworks is, I believe, the 3rd building on your right. It's a small creamish-coloured bungalow with a black gate. The building is set-back from the gate with a little parking space in front.

They are open from Monday to Saturday.

Phone: 0806.778.4977


Anonymous said...

Ore thanks for your write up on Bodyworks. based on this I made my way to the street and spent half an hour driving fruitlessly up and down as there is a house no 2 and a house number 4 but house number 3 was nowhere to be found. Eventually I managed to attract the attention of a mallam who informed me that due to the peculiar nature of the street that house number 3 was actually on the very opposite end of the street several hundred metres away. So off we went again in search.

We eventually found the mysterious house number 3 which naturally was not signposted at all as a business and after driving up to the gate and blaring our horn for 5 minutes we decided that they must be closed on Sundays or maybe just closed totally as there were no signs of life on the premises and in the compound. I would expect one or two die hards to be in the gum even on a Sunday.

Needless to say a fruitless search and a complete waste of time.

Ore said...

Sorry to hear this, anon.

I should have included the opening times. Yes, they are closed on Sundays. And there is no signpost outside the building.

I'll edit the post to include this. I'll also post the phone number, which would prob have been a great help for you.

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