Tuesday, October 16, 2007

David Simon Profile

My brother pointed me to this profile in The New Yorker magazine of David Simon, the creator of The Wire. It's a long juicy read and I have only finished the first page. I thought before I defer reading it to a more suitable time and eventually forget about it, where better to 'bookmark' it than my very own blog?


Anonymous said...

E be like say you know dey hear word o! how many times i go say make you forget barb wire and try watch nollywood small, we get actors and actresses boku, abi how you want am now, i go send you some vcd make you see the thing wey i dey talk.

You no dey blow me gist for this blog like before now, why now? make them no work you too hard for that office o! Make them remember say you be somebody pickin O.


Ore said...

Nkem, I don tire for Nollywood films. Same story, same everything. When u watch one, e be like say you don watch all of dem finish.

Okay, seriously, no. But, I don watch African Magic tire and how dem dey say am? Variety is the spice of life.

De work in de office plenty no be small. I need another holiday!!!!!

NAIJAShowBiZ said...

May I request to lead-cast you both in my new movie titled "And the Queen speaks pidgin English!"?

It wont be that difficult to script you Nkem, as a successful indigenous "nollywood" promoter, on the tail of a delectable babe to make her accept a role in a home-video project. The challenging part I reckon might be getting you to play your part in the movie, in this delectable dame's language (Queen's English)? It gets more interesting when your perseverance drags her into WRITING pidgin, as the Queen makes effort to communicate her views to you in our 'indigenous' language?

"And the Queen speaks pidgin English!" should generate such public brouhaha that Nkem by 'anonymous' (in English-unanimous) decision, gets a co-starring Emmy for featuring alongside Ore in the movie!

... No be ma fault, I'm absolutely intrigued!!! LOL!