Monday, December 03, 2007

7 Wierd Things About Me

Tagged by Tayo and accused of being too serious.

I don't know what wierd things I can list here. Growing up I was considered wierd anyway, but here goes .....

1. I love to drive (though Lagos traffic makes me insane with impatience). When I was younger I envied my parents' drivers for their good fortune of spending the entire day gallivanting all over Lagos. As I was being dropped off at school for my daily 6-hour 'imprisonment', I thought how much I would rather be a driver instead.

2. I can be quite chatty when I feel like it.

3. While I love to travel, sometimes the thrill of getting away can be far more enjoyable than actually arriving at my destination.

4. Although I tend to have strong opinions about quite a number of things, I am also able to see both sides of an argument. It can be fun but also maddening (to me and the person I'm arguing with).

5. I love, love, LOVE my birthday. I get very excited when it's approaching (cough, cough, it's coming soon - on the 18th of this month) and I am on a high for the entire month. I feel that people should not have to work on their birthdays.

6. I love rice (well, people who know me are aware of this already). I can eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of the week and not get tired of it.

7. I really don't what else to mention here ..... I've never been drunk. Is that wierd? Hmmm, probably not, if you know me. I like reading and learning new things, but I HATE it when people recount every minute detail when relating a story to me. It's like I ask them what a film was about. Thirty minutes LATER the have only covered a quarter of the film. I'll keep my advice brief: "Stay sharp and straight to the point."

Thank God, I made it through. Now, it's your turn. I'm tagging Ayoola (but of course), Nneoma, Adefunke, Mysterious Meander, Pilgrimage to Self, Tuckergurl, and Gbenga Sesan.

If you've been tagged with this already. Ah well, what can I say? Practise makes perfect.

Here are the rules
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Uzo said...

Wow...A not subtle hint about the birthday..LOL...

I feel you on the rice thing. This meme is really going round. I was tagged and just did mine..Then again - i am a meme junkie

Anonymous said...

U r so unWierd. Just a regular gal with an easy going lifestyle.

laspapi said...

not so weird, Ore, not so weird...

never been drunk? I have but not from alcohol. Sometimes just being with someone I like, makes me light headed.

Ore said...

LOL!! So sorry to disappoint at my apparent lack of wierdness. And I thought I was extremely so.

@laspapi, well following your definition, I've definitely been that kind of drunk.

Tayo said...

So you took the bait? LOL!! I kinda had double thoughts about tagging you, thinking you wouldn't oblige.
But you're sooo not weird. Except the rice part ... I can't eat rice the 3rd time.
About your birthday, I hope you're inviting us. Venue & Time???

tuckergurl said...

I did it. Here's the link: Hope you're well!

nneoma said...

Though I am two days late, I'll say it anyway. Happy birthday and many many more!

Ore said...

Thanks for the bday wishes, Nneoma.

nneoma said...

oh yes, i finally responded to your tag: