Monday, March 10, 2008


Saturday was International Women's Day and also the start of International Women's Week. There have been a number of events around Lagos and the country. I attended one; a forum organised by the Nigerian Association for Women Journalists (NAWOJ) last week, the theme of which was "Financing for Gender Equality, Empowering the Nigerian Widow."

The V-Monologues play is one of the events we have to look forward to. Already, some reviews are trickling in via Naijablog. We in Lagos get to see it from Wednesday.

I was watching AM Express as I was getting ready to go to work this morning. This particular segment featured a doctor talking about how children could be protected against illnesses synonymous with the rainy season e.g. malaria, measles, etc. As she wrapped up the discussion, the presenter mentioned that Saturday was International Women's Day and asked the doctor how far she felt Nigerian women had come in recent years.

What felt like an interminable silence followed. Eventually the doctor sighed and said wearily, "Well, we have a long way to go; a long way ......"

That said it all methinks.


Uzo said...

A long way to go sure..But we can all do something to make a difference..Just pick an area of interest and come up with a plan...Little drops right?

Ore said...

Oh, yes, Uzo. You're totally right. No situation is totally hopeless.