Thursday, November 06, 2008

Update: Uzoma Okere

An update on Uzoma Okere, the lady beaten by the naval ratings. Read the article in Punch.

Other bloggers have taken up this story, including No Limit and Funmi Iyanda.

There's also a Facebook group set-up to seek redress, Petition for Justice: Uzoma Okere. There's another one, New Naija, to discuss steps for a better Nigeria, including the Uzoma Okere incident.


NAIJAShoWBiZ said...

A collective effort makes ALL the difference (Igi kan ko ki n da igbo se - bear with my Yoruba adage, literarily interpreted: synergy makes the difference). There is depth to a collection of those who are not related to, nor of previous association with Uzoma, coming forward to state their resolve to demand for justice. Please join New Naija on facebook as I did and express your views. Our number has the power to make a difference and secure the God given sovereignty of equality and fairness in this most God-blessed country of ours. Thanks Ore & all who are determined to promote this revolutionary cause for deserved redress to a conclusive end, through a reponsibly civil means.

The Avartsy Poverty Foundation said...

It really is sad what Nigeria is becoming or shd I say has become...what from Elendu to Asiwe and now Okere...

TMinx said...

Dear All,

I was with Uzoma Okere in Alausa yesterday and at the Ministry of Justice therafter where we edited the petition to ensure it was explicit about what we want.But let's not celebrate yet. The battle has just begun.It ends when we justice has been served. And we will keep at these protests until justice is administered on these monsters.

If you want to lend your voice to the injustice, please come to 14 Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos at 12.30p.m on Sunday November 9, 2008.We will be there till 3pm with a video camera to record the faces and voices of incensed Nigerians.From there we will proceed to University of Lagos where filming will continue from 4pm - 7pm in front of Moremi Hall.

Similar filming will take place on Sunday in London, New Jersey and Beijing.We all have a responsibility for what happened. We permit the brutality by not speaking out.We intend to broadcast the footage on local and international television in order to inspire shame in each of us as individuals, and in our government for failing in its duty to protect us from such attacks.We will continue to air the clip on rotation until justice is served. Please spread the word.

We look forward to seeing you there on Sunday and please send this to all your friends on facebook.

Ebun Olatoye.-----------------------------------------------------

For details on the Uzoma Okere story, please copy and paste the following links into your web browser:

To see the video of the assault, please click here:

We are counting on your support to make this effort a success. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Kemi Ogunleye

Efomo said...

This is brutality of the highest order against an innocent citizen, i am so piqued, alarmed at such an incident which is like a regular occurence. The perpetrators of this act need to be brought, to serve as a deterrent against future incidents. Our honororable governor Fashola, please do something