Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What a Girl Wants & Hotel du Lac

I am so happy to have finished What a Girl Wants in a respectably short period of time. I was looking forward to enjoy the book as a fun bit of Christian chicklit. I found the lead character's attitude to foreigners slightly xenophobic (her constant derogatory remarks about Taiwan, which she had to visit on business). This was slightly off-putting, but acknowledging that a book's literary worth is usually not determined by how likable its characters are, I soldiered on.

So, what does a girl want? To do God's will in her life. The book ended with our heroine encircled in her hero's arms engaging in a passionate display of long held-back affection.

So, now I am on to Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner. I first read about Anita Brookner a couple of months ago and thought immediately that I'd like her books.

I picked Hotel du Lac, because quite frankly the storyline sounds riveting and it was not of intimidating size. So far so good. It's described on the back cover as a "Smashing love story". I am yet to get to this part of the book, but so far it's been a sharply observed character study, which I quite like.


Danny BaGucci said...

LOL... Keep soldiering on..I'm sure the smashing love story part will soon come.. All dem authors like to keep us in suspense.. First time here I think..

Ore said...

Thanks, Danny. I'm getting to the good part. Can't wait to continue with it after work.

Yes, I think it's your first time here. Do come again. :-)