Wednesday, October 07, 2009


My favourite type of shopping is the incidental kind, when you're just browsing and then you stumble across gems that you had not previously known that you wanted, but now that you, are extremely excited to own.

This happened to me today when I went to Borders to browse the books. The first interesting book I happened upon was Betsy Was a Junior/Betsy and Joe by Maud Hart Lovelace. This series appears to be the early 1900s' version of the Sweet Valley High books that I used to read, following the heroine Betsy as she grows up. After speaking with a shop assistant, who it turned out was reading one of the books, I also got Betsy and the Great World/Betsy's Wedding.

I read the synopsis at the back of one of the books and fell in love:
Betsy's Wedding: When Betsy's boat docks in New York, Joe is waiting there . . . with a ring! But she's going to learn that marriage isn't all candlelight, roses, and kisses. There's also cooking, ironing, cleaning, and budgeting— and will she be able to find time to forge a writing career?
So, women had the same issues to deal with back then....

Then, I found Not That Kind of Girl by Carlene Bauer about a woman questioning the values that she was brought-up with.

The last discovery was Marrying Anita by Anita Jain about an Indian-American woman's search for a husband, which leads her to India.

I haven't read any of these books yet and am looking forward to getting into them - as I always am. And of course, once I get home, and Real Life takes over, who knows when I actually shall... But my constant vow is to make the time...


Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!!
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Pablo from Argentina

SongReach said...

You always inspire me. I was just looking for books to read. Are you going to read Say You Are Of Them by Uwem Akpan?..its getting a lot of buzz yonder as you might already know. Hope you are doing great.

Ore said...

Thanks, Songreach!! I haven't read the Uwem Akpan book yet, because I have too many unread books of my own. Plus, I'm not crazy about short stories. Let me know what you think if you get to read it soon.

I'm doing great. I hope that you are too.