Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Single Girl's Guide to Dating

This is hilarious. When you think there's been no progress made in gender relations, things like this make you realise that it used to be so much worse. But depending on where you are, some of these rules are still very much in effect.
"A lady should know how to behave on a date...and we've got you covered: follow these 13 steps from the February 1938 issue of Click Photo-Parade magazine and you'll have men falling all over you."


Anonymous said...

Well, well... You would think the man is a deity with all these rules. Yes, some progress has been made in gender relations but the pull of patriarchy is so strong that I wonder if it can ever go away.

Ore said...

I wonder the same thing myself ..

Myne Whitman said...

It remains a man's world I think. But we can only continue to forge ahead.

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Ore said...

Thanks, Myne! Yes, we have to keep pushing for the type of changes that are beneficial to both women and men.

Den Santiez said...

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