Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls & Technology Links

Two women & technology links:

Technology lifts status for many African women:

This article by Rebecca Wanjiku explores the new work and economic opportunities that information technology has opened up for African women.

Girls Investigate: From Face to Facebook:

This short video produced by Nadia Tareen for Girls Learn International, speaks to teenage North American girls about their social media usage patterns and how it's influenced their lives. The girls talk about social media's potential for activism and offering new ways to stay in touch with their friends. On the other hand, they also share their fears about cyber bullying, protecting themselves adequately in their online interactions and the biggest of all drawbacks - time wasting.

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Jazminwilss said...

It is unbelievable to see that now girls are also provide to have the Technology links,good informative blog i ever read before…