Thursday, May 06, 2010

Child Marriage: Exploiting the Vulnerable

Senator Yerima is a total disgrace! The marriage of this 50 year old former governor of Zamfara state to a 13 year old Egyptian GIRL is pure pedophilia cloaked in religion. And it illustrates how girls and women from poor backgrounds will always be vulnerable to exploitation from those with money. According to this NEXT article, his latest wife is the daughter of his driver!!

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Ginger said...

lol. According to the same 234next, in an article written by Cheta Nwanze. cant get the link now, His marriage does have legal backing sort of within the law and even Sharia. something about legal union and underage being 13. The girl is 14. I tire. And the sad part is that the Ekaette who should have been getting the support of women leaders has already alienated them with her nudity bill.