Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Internet = More Reading

And while I've always known this, applying this basic tenet to my life has been a chore.

I'm away for work this week and more importantly away from my personal laptop and night-time internet connection. This means that:

1. I am in bed at a reasonable hour.
2. I have few distractions and read until I sleep.
3. I'm galloping through my books at an alarming rate.

So, the last point is actually not true, but I am reading faster than I would at home.

I sped through Above Suspicion by Lynda La Plante and I'm reading the Caine shortlist story collection for 2011, To See the Mountain and Other Stories right now.

I will try to do reviews of both if I get it together enough.


deji said...

Could never get my head round La plante's novels.maybe it's cos of the uk setting.. You should try Walter Mosley,George Pelecanos and James lee Burke for your crime fiction genre.

Ore said...

And maybe it's precisely because of the UK settling that I liked her novel.

I have seen a movie based on a Walter Mosley film and I was quite lost the first time I watched it. I'll try some of the other authors you mentioned. I tend to enjoy both UK and US crime dramas, so maybe I'll like the US books as much as La Plante.

SongReach said...

Ore, been a while since i stopped by. Glad to know that you are doing well. Take care

The Relentless Builder said...

I totally agree with you on this one, i.e. you tend to read more without the internet (unless you're reading online, of course!)

And great work with W.TEC. I have been following your progress for a few years now. Kudos!

Ore said...

Hi Songreach. Long time. It's so good to hear from you. I'm hardly blogging these days.

deji said...

HI Ore,glad you have surfaced again.was it really work or some romantic interlude.Anyway,been away in Maiduguri recently for some family biz.,where it was marginally just less hot than the surface of the sun!
Hope to be at your bookshop this have to get my disguise on.
My sister just brought me some books from the US...The thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell
Lush life-Richard Price.Warmth of other suns-Isabel Wilkerson.
Arkansas Testament and Omeros -by the great Derek Walcott who i consider the greatest living poet.
Am so looking forward to getting started..generators on stand by!. ..The frisson of excitement!...Nothing gets my juices flowing than books and Lee Morgan, Coltrane,Sun Ra ..These are 1950'and 60's jazz and blues. Have been accused of being an old man as i do not listen hip-hop and any of the nonsense that passes for music on our Lagos radio stations.
My dad was a jazz fanatic,ergo,that shaped my musical taste.
Anyway, will do a mini review as soon as am done with the books.Enjoy your weekend

Ore said...

Hi RB, thanks for the kudos. Woohoo! A fan!

Ore said...

@RB, Here I am online again when I meant to read. The internet is a hard addiction to give up and moderation is difficult for me to practice. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out from your blog if I know you. I will find out soon enough.

Deji, I will be at the shop tomorrow and will look out for you, which will be incredibly difficult btw.

I look forward to your book reviews, though you will have to share the link of where they'll be.

Muse Origins said...

Internet does decrease my book reading time. Sigh

Muse Origins
Muse Origins FB

Ore said...

@ Muse Origins: Yes, it sadly does. If only there was a way to engage in both effectively.

Auto Glass Minneapolis said...

Its a matter of time management! :)