Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visiting Bruce Onobrakpeya

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting the home of the artist Bruce Onobrakpeya. He has been called a "national treasure." A walk through his home gives a little glimpse why. As you walk through the gate, you are greeted with installation pieces. The flight of steps that rises from the ante room is covered in oil paintings, water colours, plastographs and installation work.

Upstairs is his work room and out of the turmoil emerges the beautiful work that I saw everywhere. His work is notable for its diversity. He is not an artist who works within one particular medium. He experiments and learns from other artists, including from his students. These influences are evident in a myriad of ways from the materials he chooses to use, from the way he presents the work.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
The stairwell in the Onobrakpeya house. It took me at least 15 minutes to move up one flight of steps.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
Inside the artist's workshop.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
Work in progress.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
The artist talks about this installation piece, created in celebration for Nigeria's 50th year of independence.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
Bruce Onabrakpeya uses all kinds of materials - including lace fabric - in his work. Waste not. Want not.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
Full view of the 50th independence installation piece.

Photo Credit: Ore's Notes
The artist signs one of his paintings.

The Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation organises the Harmattan Workshop for artists, which is supported by the Ford Foundation amongst other funders.

Do you want to support a worthy cause? Then think about the Bruce Onabrakpeya Foundation.


Efioanwan said...

Wow, great men are still walking this earth.

Ore said...

Yes, very much so.

Anonymous said...

hello Ore,
Welldone for documenting Dr. Bruce, my thesis in school included him. I will also like to seek your permission to use two of these photos in my forthcoming work titled a Flight to greatness'. Pls do grant me your permission. Thank you. my email is: aiidiis@yahoo.co.uk and my name is idoreyin N

Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation said...

Bruce Onobrakpeya has been described as one of the most influential artists in West Africa by John Picton.
you can view his extended resume here