Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New Day

Quite literally - as it's 2.10AM.

However, for Ore's Notes, it is a break from the past in a MAJOR way: I have finally updated the look of the blog.

I believe my blog has been thus far remarkable, among many others, for the constancy if its look. And for a long, long time I just really liked my old look. But there does get to a point when you crave something different. And that time came for me at least 2 years ago. However, when I thought about losing all the tweaks I had made to my old template, I stopped right there.

Eventually though, my itch for a fresh look won out and I started experimenting with new templates. In the course of doing that, I discovered that Blogger has some very cool dynamic templates, however these did not show up in my Blackberry and stats, as well as casual observation indicates that more people's online activities are via a mobile device.

This will be just the start of an evolving look, but for now, it's amazing what a difference a new template makes. All of a sudden, I feel more excited just visiting my blog.

And when I look at my previous blog designs (courtesy of the very cool Wayback Machine), I realise how long I've been around.

Ore's Notes (2006)

Ore's Notes (2011)


Anonymous said...

i've visited this blog for 5 years now so i thought my laptop and the slow server were playing tricks on me until i saw the old page in the body of your new post. You've been so 'constant' for long. That's a brave thing to do. It ain't at all easy. Just started my own blog and i count how many times i've changed theme. New day, indeed, huh? Nice change too. Makes visiting all the more interesting. Looks like u'r springing surprises. Andmay i say i've been tryn to post this comment for a while...glitches with my fone n laptop. take care.

Adunni said...

ore please accept my condolences. I heard about your sister and i thought to drop by. May the God of all comfort comfort you and yours at this trying time. This was not God's will but Man's negligence and the failure of the system of an entire country.

God be with you and keep you.

Ore said...

@ adetokunbohr: Thanks for being a long-time visitor. I appreciate that. I'll be trying to keep things fresh.

@ Adunni: Thank you very much. It's not been an easy time, but I'm trying my best to celebrate her life and live with purpose the way she did.

Nigeria Business News said...

Ore, thanks for the blog. I have been following your blog now and can proudly say you have been an inspirationto me and may Nigeria bloggers.
Accept my condolence too.

Ore said...

Thank you.