Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blog Find: Sporty Afros

New discovery!!!!!!

In the firestorm of "Oh no! She diin't"-type comments that ensued from disparaging comments made last week on Twitter about the US gymnast and gold medalist Gabby Douglas, I discovered the blog Sporty Afros.

The tagline says it all: Where sports and hair collide.

Sporty Afros’ mission is to establish a social platform for fitness and effective hair care for black women.

Sporty Afros seeks to be a one stop shop for questions, discussions, tips and answers about living an active lifestyle in conjunction with establishing and maintaining healthy hair regimens.

My new plan is to stay off the extension braids and pay more attention to my hair. I read a post on Black Girl Long Hair a couple of months ago, which highlighted some important reasons to limit our use of extensions.

Key among them was that we tend to neglect our hair when it's in braids. However, braids or not, weaves or not, our hair still needs to be washed, conditioned and moisturised - steps that are all too easy to neglect when we have extensions in.

However, if you exercise regularly and sweat, you'll be confronted with the question of how to look good while working out and even more importantly after you work out.

Sporty Afros addresses these concerns and more. Although I don't remember seeing any explicit statements that the hair care tips were for natural hair, the "afros" in the name seems to imply this.


Professional Hair Care said...

I do agree with regular exercise as our sweat carries out the harmfull particles from your body which can give you healthy skin,and healthy hair.
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alexandria williams said...

aww thanks for the love! Yeah we do have more natural hair information since we both are natural and sporty :-) However, we have a little bit for everyone. (pressed, permed, transitioning and more)

Ore said...

Thanks for dropping by, Alexandria. I'm a regular visitor at Sporty Afros now. Thanks to your blog, I'm also incorporating healthier food into my diet. So it's been been good not just for my hair. :)