Friday, September 02, 2005


We got to Barcelona last night and have mostly been shopping, I´m almost ashamed to admit. We did go to La Ramblas, which is a long walkway downtown with shops on either sides. There are also lots of cafes and restaurants of course and street performers. It´s very touristy and I remember reading Trip Advisor, in which many people recommended getting ahotel close to La Ramblas. I wonder why? I love our hotel, the Aparthotel Silver, which is 3 stops away on the metro. It´s beautifully decorated and very clean, which is a must with me. It´s also in a gorgeous neighbourhood. Why would anyone want to stay so close to the mayhem and crowds of downtown?

My sister and I will go to see the famous Sagrada Familia and other places of note before we leave. We can´t say we came to Barcelona and the only thing we did was to shop.

Edited to add photos:
Sagrada FamiliaA partial view of Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia from the park across the street.

Downtown BarcelonaThis is at the end of the Las Ramblas walkway, near the waterfront.

View of Apartment BuildingsThis is a view of apartment buildings in downtown Barcelona.

(Photos taken by me. Please do not reproduce without permission)

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