Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Public Holidays Thursday and Friday

A friend just called me to find out if I was feeling better. Then he let me know that the government has declared public holidays today and tomorrow in preparation for the state governorship and state of assembly elections taking place this Saturday. Na wa oh! That's all I can say. This is coming off the long Easter weekend (we had Friday and Monday off work). So am I to assume that next week when we are to vote for president and national assembly members, we will also get Thursday and Friday off?

Nigerians! Any reason for a break.


Anonymous said...

It's strategic, sister. Tomorrow, the Supreme Court is supposed to hear Atiku's appeal. Public holidays mean the court won't be able to sit this week. It's all politics (alright, maybe Nigerian politics has turned me into a lady always on the lookout for conspiracies), though it's true that Nigeria generally gets a lot of unnecessary holidays.

Calabar Gal said...

Anoda Public Holiday?!?! Na wa oh.
@Anonymous: that conspiracy theory could be true you know!

Anonymous said...

Thats the conclusion of many people (myself included). I mean in what other could it be justified?

obyno said...

Sorry to hear that you were feeling a bit down. Glad that it appears to be under control. Have for the last couple of months had your blog bookmarked securely under lock and key in a folder beside my favourites like Jesse James Garrison and Zeev Suraski(now you know you are in good company!). It would have been really tragic if the flow of fluent, often attractively detached opinions and observations I have come to consistently expect had been obstructed for too long. Here's wishing you glass of the stronger liquid by the raging firelight tonight!

Concerning the conspiracy theories swirling about vis-a-vis the appeal by Atiku, it is the supreme court that is sitting not some lower court in an outpost of uncertain progress, i.e. there can be no further recourse to an a appeal process. So whether it gives a judicial opinion on Thursday or Monday is immaterial to what happens afterwards. A lot of teeth are going to be gnashed and people will scream etc but I am certain we shall get an opinion before the presidential elections. This court has so far proven very independent-minded in its interpretation of the law so far. In my opinion, that is. So if the holidays were enacted to take some wind out of somebody's sail, then I daresay they are wasting all our time and theirs.

Ore said...

Thanks for the wishes, Obyno and I'm honoured to know that I'm in such esteemed blog company. Now, all I need to do is find out who on earth Jesse James and Zeev are.

And please, you need to seriously update your blog. What is there, while making for riveting reading, is rather lacking in quantity. I'll be on the look out for new posts.

Chude said...


its actually not that simple. Atiku's appeal was supposed to be 'heard' today. not decided, but with this postponement no matter the accelerated hearing his case will NOT be decided before the next election - independence of the Supreme COurt or not. Especially if another public holiday is declared two days before the next election, which is most likely given tyhis precedent.

Even if the Supreme Court Justices are relations of Tiger Woods, no neat hit can enable them decide this case in 3 days.

Moreover this was also to frustrate people like Ararume who might have gotten the Supreme COurt to throw more light on their judgements just before the Governorship elections on saturday.

So this is mos definitely a conspiracy - from a master strategist. Thank God though, after May we will be rid of Obasanjo.

Chude! said...

Okay Obyno,

I had to come back for you to watch me eat my words ... you were right! This Supreme Court rocks!