Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's funny (funny = strange not funny = ha ha) the things that people unconsciously imbibe from their environment.

I have the TV on and caught the end of a show on NTA a few minutes ago (I think it was a lifestyle or health show). The presenter (woman) had a guest (man) on who was talking (I think) about couples managing their home. He urges men not to treat their wives like housegirls or servants and reminds them that women need love too.

As the presenter wraps up the show, she re-iterates that men need to take care of their wives adding that "They are not just housegirls and servants."

Not just? Hmmm, thanks for that.


Omodudu said...

Talking about NTA, you should have listened to the commentary on the soccer match on Sunday. The guy could easily have been at the beer palor. Funny thing is we had professionals 10 years ago.

adefunke said...

You know she is going home to her husband!

Anonymous said...

she should just have said "wives are house girl and servants..but..er..ehm..there is more to them than that" DUH

BlogVille Idols said...

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uknaija said...

Freudian slip

Refinedone said...

good one @ Uknaija, so true. lol

We were more professional then cos ppl were not as desparate as they are now! ...majority have became "hustlers"