Thursday, September 25, 2008

Atrracting Women to FOSS

It's been a busy blog morning. I was sent this article entitled Ten Easy Ways to Attract Women to your Free Software Project. It explores the ways in which women are discouraged from participating and contributing more to free and open software software (FOSS) projects. It has implications and useful knowledge for projects beyond FOSS and makes for good reading.

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kimrennin said...

Ahum.About the gender issue that I promised my readers I'll be commenting on. Well I blogged some time back about this gender thing. In short my broad view on gender is that men and women are somewhat 'hard wired' that makes them good in certain things and bad on certain other things. (Read the pease book if you haven't already) Standing on this psychological base, let me show you what I think about 'women in software development.