Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Useful Blogging Tools

For the longest time, I've been meaning to add a link to my blog to allow people subscribe to it. While I'm sure many people use blog aggregators and readers to keep up with new posts, it's always nice if the blog owners make it that much easier for their readers.

Well, Hash of White African has posted on useful tools to incorporate to your blog. That gave me the incentive to finally add those links. If you're using the newer layouts and templates on Blogger, adding these options is very easy; however if you're using one of the older templates, you'll have to copy and paste the code into your template. Not that difficult, but enough steps to deter the lazier among us. ;-)


Afronuts said...

people shud know about these things. Thanks for thelink. Learnt some stuff there

Rita said...

Learnt alot from this post. Thanks.

Ore said...

You're both welcome. I've learnt a lot from White African's blog too.