Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clean Eating

If you are into (or more accurately, trying to get into) healthier eating like myself, you might like the Clean Eating website, which promotes eating natural foods and "lean and light recipes" (I love that).

Planning in going to the gym this evening, but I'm dead tired and have been all day (when will this indiscipline of routinely sleeping well after midnight stop?). I want to try a strength-training class, which starts at 7PM. This class starts when I'm leaving the gym, so I was planning on working a bit late so that I can get to the gym in time for this class.

We'll see how that goes ....


Wendy said...

I'm a huge fan of Clean Eating magazine. Great ideas and inspiration to eat cleanly without it having to be hard! We do it every week and feel great. :)

Ore said...

Well, I look forward to trying out some of the recipes. Thanks for your comment, Wendy.