Friday, December 11, 2009

Job Opportunity: Researchers for Mapping Case Studies of Transparency, Accountability, and Civic Engagement Technology Projects‏ (Global Voices)

Interesting work opportunity with Global Voices. See below for more information.


Beginning on Monday, January 11 2010, Global Voices will begin a three-month research mapping of transparency, accountability, and civic engagement technology projects and specifically are seeking:

Latin America - 2 researchers
Sub-Saharan Africa - 2 researchers
South East Asia - 1 researcher
South Asia - 1 researcher
China - 1 researcher
Central & Eastern Europe - 1 researcher

Job Description:
From January to April 2010, each regional researcher is expected to produce four case studies over 12 weeks and facilitate a total of two online discussions - blog posts - over 4 weeks. Each regional researcher will be paid $800 per month for a total of $2,400. We also have some money in our budget to bring the most active researchers to the 2010 Global Voices summit in order to present their findings on a panel.

In addition to the regional researchers, we are also able to offer a small honorarium ($200) to eight reviewers who leave comments that evaluate the case studies and blog posts published by the researchers.

Examples of such projects include which makes information more accessible from the proceedings of the Kenya's parliament;, which uses official data published by government agencies to encourage the public to engage more closely with the Brazilian legislature; and which aims to involve citizens from the Middle East in developing solutions to civic problems. We want to know what other projects exist, what challenges they are encountering, and what can be done to better support their work.

These case studies will be published on a separate website that uses the same platform as Each case study should include a Skype interview with a representative from the project. Those Skype interviews will be recorded and excerpts will be published to the website to serve as a weekly podcast.

If you are interested in working on this project as a regional researcher or as a reviewer please let me know as soon as possible. If you know of someone who is the perfect fit for this project please put me in touch with him/her. If you are interested in the regional researcher position please respond (off list) with answers to these questions: 1) What is your experience and interest in the field of transparency, accountability, and civic engagement? 2) Why do you want to be involved in this project?



David Sasaki |
Director of Rising Voices
gtalk: osopecoso | skype: elosopecoso

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