Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sheryl Sandberg's Keynote Address at the Grace Hopper Conference

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, gave a keynote address at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in which she encourages women to consider and pursue careers in technology and explains why technology is such a key driver of the economy.

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deji said...

Hi Ore, A happy new year to you.Wishing you the best of what life has to offer.How are you?.Hope all is fine and dandy.Still haven't been to your bookshop..Traffic,laziness ! etc,etc.
See that you are reading Cormac McCarthy's, 'All The Pretty Horses' It is part of the border trilogy..the others are 'the crossing and city of plain...It is a magnificent odyssey. 'tho, some find his style quirky,I think he is a magnificent writer.
Anyway,shall surprise you one of these days.
You need to blog more often..get your fingers out madam!
Best wishes

Ore said...

Hi Deji,

Happy New Year to you too!!!!!

Yes, I know I ought to blog more. I have been feeling very bad about it, but what can I say? Life's been busy. Plus if I want to read more, it means I need to create the time and cut back on some things.

The funny thing is that I actually want to set-up a separate blog just about books. Hmmm..... when will I get round to that, I wonder....

So, you've read the Border Trilogy? I like Cormac McCarthy's style, although it's too early to say I love it as No Country For Old Men is the only book of his I've read from start to finish.

All the Pretty Horses was so frustrating in the beginning, but it started to pay dividends after a good 38 pages or so.

If I am disciplined enough, I will blog about it. LOL!!!!!

Rahul said...

Heres how the manipulated Facebook IPO will go. Big banks are invested in it now and only big banks and hedge funds will be allowed to at the start. The price will skyrocket as the banks, hedgies and big wigs drive up the price to a certain point, then the small investor will be allowed to buy in at much higher prices, the price will continue to rise. Then a little while later the big investors will start taking profits as the little guy buys in, then the price will fall, BIG, and the little investor will be left holding the bag. By the time any of the employees are allowed to sell shares, the price will be 1/3 of what it ran too. If you dont believe me just watch but by all means do not invest in it unless you can get in somehow before the IPO or real soon after, do not hold long term, the big guys wont, at least they will sell enough to hold free shares. This is how IPO's work, its call Market Maker Manipulation. It happens every day...good luck!