Friday, January 13, 2012

S*** Relaxed Girls Say to Natural Girls

This video (and versions of it) have been flying all over the Internet lately. They are quite funny. ;)


deji said...

hi Young ore, am assuming you are .anyway, hope all is copasetic ! with you.Am in London at the moment.It's getting rather cold.Praying that it will sign of it yet. there is something spiritual and ethereal about watching snow fall.
Am reading Half blood blues-a story about young black jazz musicians trapped in berlin and later paris during the 2nd world war.also bought phillip roth's Nemesis. he is one of my favourite writers. i would recommend "American pastoral" and "The human stain" highly.Actually,just bought the box set.Would also recommend Peter Godwin 's MUKIWA..a story about a boy growing up in Rhodesia{Zimbabwe)..a funny ,poignant laugh out loud book.
Also been catching up on films..saw the Iron lady..Meryl Streep's performance was a tour the force.she really got Mrs Thatcher .Also saw this Iranian film..A of the most astonishing films i have seen in years .please make sure you see not sure it will be a popular release as it is classed under foreign.
Anyway, London has been good for my cultural injection...enables me to indulge.A balm for my troubled romantic soul.
Watched "AS good as it gets" for about the sixth time. Am about to settle down to watch "sideways" again. I love films with loads of words,drama etc hence am a great fan of Woody Allen and those quintessentially english films by Merchant and Ivory.
Anyway,enough of my is your work going..hope you are forging ahead.Anyway be true to yourself and best of luck
Ps will surely visit the bookstore when I get least to complete the puzzle..put a face to the picture.

Ore said...

Young Ore! I love it!!!!

It sounds like you are indeed having a wonderful enriching cultural experience.

For me, it's catch as catch can. I watched Haywire, which is not exactly the film of the year, but it was loads of fun. I finished All the Pretty Horses and bought the rest of the Border Trilogy. I have to take a break in between McCarthy's books, so I will resume the trilogy some time in the future. I also bought Blood Meridian and I am looking forward to reading that.

At the moment, I am indulging in some Lynda LaPlante. After that, who knows.....

Enjoy your time in the U.K. and look forward to welcoming you at the bookshop.