Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to Work!

Today is my first day back at work after almost a week off. The Eid-el-Fitir holiday, or Sallah as it is popularly known, was great. My friend Y and I pampered ourselves on Wednesday with facials and pedicures. I also got my eyebrows shaped for like the third time in my life. I initially thought that the beautician left them too thin, but now I LOVE them. When they say that well-defined eyebrows are the one thing that define your face, they weren't joking. My face looks so different, more polished somehow.

On Thursday, my sister and I went to a bookstore called Bookworm to check out their Sallah sale. I got a book called "Some People, Some Other Place" by a writer called J. California Copper who I had heard of previously. I think I heard good things about her, but the book is great so far. There is no real synopsis of the story on the book cover (I really hate it when instead of learning what the book is all about, you find excerpts of various glowing reviews), but from what I've gathered so far it traces the history of several families from sometime around the time of the Depression. The main character is an African-American woman who has not yet been born (at least not in the part that I'm currently reading).

I have been thinking about things that I might do after my NYSC year. My options include staying with my present firm, moving on to another firm or starting something of my own, which is what I would really like to do. If only I knew what to do though. I'm looking around to see what people need. I'm also thinking about that I am good at. In Boston, I built websites on the side. That is very time-consuming, especially when your clients want the whole world on their website like yesterday. It might also be an over-saturated market, though I'm not sure. I would also like to learn how to really build interactive websites, which are database-driven. I think that's what most companies need and not static sites. I will see what else would be a value-added service. This would be great for me, as I could work from home and structure my time to suit the way I work best.

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