Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Last Night

Last night I eagerly left work, because I had a building headache and was very tired. Despite that, I still planned on some exercise before crashing for the night or whatever else I was going to do.

On getting home I found at that we had no electricity (sigh). We have been spoilt by having a solar-powered generator, which we use during the day whenever the light goes. However, it’s not working at the moment, which I had totally forgotten. When there’s no electricity there’s really not much you can do. I sat in the front living room and tried to read in the fast-fading daylight. Eventually I gave that up and sat still for about 15 minutes just staring in front of me. The fact that I started to feel uncomfortable doing this showed me how unused to calm and stillness I am- and think this applies to many other people.
I have been writing a lot in my journal- at times sporadically, at others at least once a week, but always in some considerable volume whenever I do. So, I’ve almost run out of pages in my current journal and went to get a new one at the Nu Metro store at the Silverbird Galleria with my brother and sister. It felt strange being out on a work night. Even in Boston, I rarely went out after work, preferring to cuddle up on my loveseat at home to an evening on TV (am I really a 60 year old in an almost 30 year old body?). There were a surprisingly (at least to me) large amount of people out at the mall, walking through the media store and eating at the “see-and-be-seen” cafes. I was just happy to get my journal and can’t wait to start writing in it.

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