Monday, November 07, 2005

Hair Addendum

I washed my hair yesterday morning and put it in tiny braids, so that it would dry faster. By the evening when I wanted to go out, my hair was still not dry and so I had to leave the braids in and go out like that. This morning it took me forever to get the tiny braids out and I was running late. I wore my hair in an afro puff and I think it looks nice, but I was wondering what "management" would think and if they would think that it was time to have a little talk to me about my hairstyle choices.

But then, who should walk into the office this morning but the lady of the company with freshly done braids. I think they were very cool, but the twist is that the braids are done in a variety of colors from black, brown, blond, through to red. And to think that I was worried about how my natural hair would fit into my new workplace.

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