Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 was the Year of the Digital Citizen

..... according to a recent BBC article. And so it appeared to be, with the rising popularity of blogs, video blogging, podcasting, texting and capturing video on cellphones among other new technologies. Non-journalists like myself could share their views with a large Internet audience.

I came across another interesting article, which highlighted gender patterns of Internet use in the U.S. According to the article, men are more likely to use the Internet to try out new technologies and get information e.g. checking sports results, news, weather, job searches; while women tend to focus more on building and maintaining social networks through email and online groups.

It would be interesting to know how men and women in Nigeria make use of the Internet and whether the same patterns would appear. I know that I do a lot of research, browsing for news and information AND participate in various online communities. I would guess that the same applies for most visitors of this site and regular bloggers. I wonder about everyone else....


TRAE said...

you're correct, the same applies to me. but for Nigerians and their internet use here's how it goes:

-chat chat chat
-checkout dating websites
-checkout football websites (4 d guys)
-checkout hacking stuff (for d 19 boys) and stuff to buy with their loot
-search for materials for school assignments
-download media and software stuuf (for the ange-buta peeps)

Anonymous said...

are you the ore, some dashiki wearing guy (me) met at a party, and said you looked like Janis Joplin - and I was interjected by this lady sitting by us as - not correct? - do tell -

Ore said...

@ Trae: I feel you on the chatting. I see so much of that going on. And checking email. The hacking stuff, I did not know about..... Are these people your friends? LOL!

Maybe we should add writing "419" letters to that list?

Ore said...

@ Anonymous: Yes, I am that Ore. I can't remember where though. Was it a party at my place?

Anonymous said...