Sunday, January 22, 2006

Maybe Not a Lost Case Afterall

Essence Magazine -- Feb 2006I'm referring to Essence magazine, which has been a long favourite of mine.

I was very disappointed with January's issue, but decided to take a chance with the February issue. It somewhat re-affirmed my faith in the magazine. Yes, there was the usual offering of what has now become typical Essence fare: Your Sex Life (Got game? Fun ways to reach orgasm ecstasy); On His Mind (Writer Omar Tyree's thoughts on sexual healing -- I guess he was just being honest, but I did not think it portrayed him and so-called "alpha males" in the best light); and the usual recycled money matters article. However, this issue also had some thoughtful and interesting pieces like The Search for My Beloved Margaret Garner (Writer Stephanie Stokes Oliver investigates the life of Margaret Garner, the inspiration for Toni Morrison's book Beloved to see if she was an ancestor); They Call Me Ms. Hill (Lauyrn Hill talks about where she has been emotionally since the break-up of The Fugees); and The Dating Game (Self-explanatory. You can teach an old dog new tricks).

Although this issue featured an article by Michell Burford about her journey towards accepting her natural hair, I have noticed an overall decline of images of natural hair in favour of straight styles. I always wondered if natural hair in the U.S. was just another fad. In Lagos, faux natural hairstyles (e.g. the afro-looking puffs pinned at the top or back of the hair and curly weaves and wigs) have become quite popular, though natural hair is still worn by comparatively few women.

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