Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dr. Love

I'm up when I should be asleep and listening to Dr. Love on Silverbird TV. He's hilarious! Between his fake Americana accent and goro-sheened hair, the show is a laugh-a-minute.

Tonight he was talking about (amongst other things, I'm guessing since I only caught the last 10 minutes) how to turn a woman on. He is spot-on in some ways though. According to Dr. Love, it only takes a second for men to be "Ready-Freddy-Steady" (ROFL), while a woman is like the volume dial on your hi-fi set. He ends the show with a list of 10 Ways 2 Get a Woman to Fall in Love With You, including making her laugh, not being possesive (not being "all sticky-sticky to her"), paying compliments and remembering little details she'd told you in the past. I don't know if those will make a woman fall in love with a guy, but I suppose it can help.

Okay, the show is over now and I should get offline now!


ibiluv said...

i dont find him amusing...i think he looks stupid...........

AlooFar said...

Can you help us with details of things that make these COMPLEX BEINGS turn on?



Ore said...

aloofar, you're not asking for a whole lot, are you? ;-)
Perhaps I can recommend some books instead. LOL!

Anonymous said...

anytime wey nnamdi lexus buy me shoe and bag for bend down pick, me i turn on, why e dey hard for men to understand that one.