Monday, May 12, 2008

The Namesake Re-watched

I watched The Namesake last year when it was shown at Nu Metro. I loved the book and liked Mira Nair's films, so I hoped that I would like the film. Thankfully, I loved it. I think my friend and I were the only non-Indians in the cinema hall. I said I would get the film on DVD.

I did a few weeks ago and re-watched it several times (I'm currently listening to the director's commentary). It still strikes me as such a beautiful poignant film. I would have added "one that so astutely depicts the immigrant experience in the US, or anywhere for that matter", but I fear that would be so nauseatingly cliched. LOL! Okay, so I just said it.

However, it still does bring back those feelings of loneliness, being the outsider, having to explain your country and culture to people over and over again when they ask you the maddeningly vague "So tell me ALL about Nigeria", and listen to them patronise you with their 'deep insight' on what the problem with Nigeria is.

However, the Namesake is so much more than that. It's such a gorgeously told story about family: you love them sometimes; you can't stand them sometimes; but somehow they always seem to be the ones at the start of the story and with you at the end.


Standtall said...

Is "Namesake" the same film you told me about today? If yes, do not forget to lend it to me. Thank you thank you

Standtall said...

I actually doubt if it's the same film but all the same help me with the little widow film. I mean the one you told me abt today

Daddy's Girl said...

Well said. The Namesake is really beautiful and I think almost everyone can relate to at least one of its themes.

PS Sorry to bother you, but please do you know of any good salons in Lagos where they actually know what to do with natural hair? Thanks.

Ore said...

@Standtall, No, "Namesake" is not the film I was telling you about. I was referring to "Water".

Daddy's Girl, I wish I knew. The most that majority of the salons will do for natural hair is braiding and Ghana weaving. You can find some stylists in some salons who can twist. I can get you some numbers if you email me ( One place can also roller set (Changes Salon, 37 Glover Rd, Ikoyi).

Daddy's Girl said...

I know what you mean Ore - I am tired of all the 'Aunty, abeg just braid the hair, e no go fine, you know say na virgin hair'. They generally don't have a clue. I got some twists recently at Downtown that turned out okay-ish but I know I can find someone better. I will definitely email you for more ideas. Thanks for the response!