Sunday, July 27, 2008

Firefox 3 - Continued

And I was really loving Firefox 3. Well, I still do on my work computer but my home computer is not liking the new version at all. And just when I had gotten hooked on the browser's ability to bring up the URL of any website that you've ever visited. And then, there is the ability to save the contents of your browsers and tabs before logging off, so that when you re-open the browser cached versions of the sites are still there. The earlier versions only do this when the browser shuts down unexpectedly.

Anyway, my home computer (w/Windows Vista) does not like this version and shows this by repeatedly shutting down the browser. :-(
So, I'm back to old Firefox version and Opera (which incidentally has a lot of the features I like about F3). :-)


disgodkidd said...

hmmm....i have not had such problems with my firefox 3 on my vista, its been working smoothly, and am loving it. in addition to all my other browsers - opera, flock, avant, can i say, am a browser are you big sis? am doing fine, been busy though. have a great week.

Ore said...

Lucky you!!! Missing F3, seriously. Now having problems downloading Opera on this computer. Sigh!

tobenna said...

Yah to FF!
Down with IE!