Sunday, July 20, 2008

Influential Women Bloggers

NorthxEast, a blog that explores blogging, came up with its list of the 50 most influential female bloggers. There are many great bloggers on the list, some of whom I read - including Beth Kanter (who I've worked with on a number of occassions) and Heather B. Armstrong (who gained fame/notoriety for being fired for things she had written about her co-workers on her blog).

Overall though, the list could very easily be renamed the "Fifty most influential North American female bloggers" or "Caucasian female bloggers" for all the diversity it shows. I mean, restricted access to computers and to the Internet ensures that bloggers from developing countries are still under-represented in the blogosphere, but nevertheless, if we are speaking about "influential bloggers" there are quite a few bloggers not included on the list that come to mind. Maybe I should make a list.


Frances Uku said...

the non-white bloggers were out there even back in the day, friend. say you were an employer who ran across a certain blog post from a certain employee, would you choose to lay off or fire? and were you the employee in question, suddenly without prospects, would you cut your losses or go for fame?

Ore said...

So you were blogging back in the day? And trash-talking too! Sounds like you made a good career move.