Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Years of Ore's Notes

Today was my blog anniversary. And yes, I feel like celebrating it because finding the time to blog has become increasingly difficult for me. At times I feel that my blogger card needs to be rescinded. No matter, I am still here - straggling slightly though I might be (in fact, look how late this post came - I barely made it on the 31st). Err .... here's hoping to a more productive blogging year ahead.


Adunni said...

one word ore ...... WOW infact double WOW!!!!!! Happy Bloggerversary. Girl i don't know how u've managed to keep it up o but if you've been taking blog vitamins please abeg send me some... ciao

Ore said...

Thanks, Adunni. It hasn't been easy.

Are you blogging again? I loved reading your posts.