Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natural Hair Inspiration

I receive occasional emails from my fellow natural haired sisters. Some want advice on where to go to get their natural hair styled, some are just happy to find someone else who wears her hair natural.

I've been bereft of any inspiration lately, so I've taken to browsing the web for ideas of styles and support. Within the last few days, I've found the following:
  • How I Freed Myself and Embraced My Locks: Funnily enough, I've visited this writer's hair album (don't worry if you didn't get that; I think only natural haired women chronicle their hair adventures in this way) and she has an amazing amount of hair.

  • Black, Kinky and Proud! I was so happy to discover this post and read it joyfully, noting along the way that the author went to my alma mater. ONLY for me to click on the comments and see that I have not only read this post, but my comment was the first. LOL!!!

  • Essence 'Natural' Hair Styles 1 and
    Essence 'Natural' Hair Styles 2
    : Note the sarcasm. I hate it when magazines try to pass off wigs, weaves and anything else that is OBVIOUSLY an artificial hair piece as natural hair. But, it's worth a look for the ideas, if nothing else.

  • Then, the best one, which I saved for last is the author Tayari Jones, who wrote the fabulous book The Untelling. She as a Flickr album, which I don't think (hope) she won't mind sharing since it's linked in multiple places from her blog. She has a lot of natural hair and always seems to have the coolest styles.
    Tayari, please share your hair tips. Better still, kindly send your stylist down to Nigeria to help me with my hair.


philippe said...

This is not related to hair :)

1. Where can I find any information about IDRC involvement in the web 2.o projects in Nigeria? I could not find anything on their site. Is it buried somewhere?
2. Tobaccoandyou.com is a radio program hosted by my friend Betty Abah. She looks for help for compressing audiofiles and basic podcasting technique. Can you help?
Thank you in advance
Philippe Boucher

Tayari Jones said...

Ore, you are too sweet! You know I do my own hair, right? I just kept practicing until I found what works.

My big secret is flat twists. I twist it straight back and when I take it out I have that crinkly, fluffy bob thing! If you lived closer I would happily provide you with a demo!

Ore said...

@ Tayari, I've seen photos of you with the flat twists, which look beautiful btw. I always thought they were cornrows. I've never been able to master flat twists. I'll keep practicing and if I'm in NY/NJ sometime soon, I'll let you know. :-)

@ Phillipe, W.TEC had a web 2.0 project that was funded by IDRC (www.w-teconline.org and www.w-teconline.org/nfsblog). You can also check the Harambee blog for information about other African projects funded by IDRC to use ICTs in strengthening networks. However, not all of these use web 2.0.
Check http://www.harambeeafrica.net/?q=node/38 for the project names. You can browse the rest of the blog for more info on the projects.

Re: the podcasting technique, I'll post some links for you later on.

Ore said...

Phillipe, here are some links on podcasting techniques. They might contain some info related to compressing audio files:



Naturally beautiful said...

I have just finished 6 months of herbal shampooing treatment and whenever I reviewed my self in the mirror I was amazed at the results. The treatment definitely works and as long as you stick with the natural healing, the positive results will come.

Ore said...

@Naturally Beautiful: thank you for your words of encouragement. I have kept on this path and would never consider not being a natural.

Anonymous said...

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