Friday, January 23, 2009

The New Gym

I recently joined a new gym (Proflex), because my old one (Eko Sauna) had opened a new branch and closed it's former place down. The new spot was out of my way, so I decided to shop around for a new fitness home.

It was a sad day, I admit, when I saw the notice of their impending closure. It's funny, because when I first started going there, I was so unimpressed with the condition of the gym and the state of equipment (mostly out-of-commission). I was happy to pay per visit rather than join the gym, because it meant that I would not be bonded in anyway to *this* place.

However, over time, as these things annoyingly seem to happen, I actually grew to like the place. By the time, it closed, I would say that my feelings for the crummy gym had blossomed even more. Eeek! They hired a new fitness instructor, who decided to push me far beyond my zone of comfort. And, where I had plateaued, I started seeing some changes in my physique. It must have been some really dramatic changes, because all of a sudden, EVERYONE I met would exclaim upon seeing me:

You've lost SO MUCH WEIGHT!! What did you do?

In general though, there was a very laid-back attitude among the gym patrons. Not so, in the new place. Everyone here appears to take their workout so seriously. Everyone seems to be so focused and knows what they are doing. I don't see the 30 second workout -- 20 minute rest, jisting, phone break -- 10 second workout routine that was so common in the old place. The difference is like Lagos and Abeokuta.

Already, I've spotted quite a few defectors from Eko Sauna. So that's where they've been all this time... And I thought they were just being lazy. If only I knew.

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