Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paid Blogging Opportunity: Amplify Your Voice

I received an email from Joe Sonka, managing editor of Amplify Your Voice. He's interested in linking up with young women bloggers (age 15 to 24). Sorry to all the 'oldies' on the list, but feel free to pass it on to any women you know who fit the requirements. The position pays $100 a month.

See the details below:
  • Amplify Your Voice is a new blog/activist website focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people (

  • The blog is an interactive community whose content comes directly from young people, tackling society’s approach to sexual health

  • They are currently hiring a team of front page bloggers for the site, with a position for a talented young woman from the African continent who is interested in sexual and reproductive health

  • The position is for anyone 15-24 years of age, pays $100 a month, and the requirements are 6 blog posts a month.

  • The application info is here:

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