Monday, February 16, 2009

Standtall Wins BlogHer '09 Award

Congrats to Standtall of The Activist. She runs a vibrant blog where she discusses and rails against all forms of gender-based discrimination.

Why are congrats in order? Because ST was nominated for and has been awarded a scholarship to attend BlogHer '09, the annual meeting of the online community of women bloggers (see this NYT article). This award is for 5 activists who live outside of the US and who are using their blogs to raise awareness about and address societal problems.

ST wins a full 2-day conference pass to BlogHer'09, a round trip plane ticket to and from Chicago, IL for the conference, 3 nights stay at the Chicago Sheraton during the conference and the opportunity to present her work during a session at BlogHer '09. This is a well-deserved award.

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nneoma said...

Wow, what an honor!