Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have been wondering what to do with my Twitter account. It seemed rather pointless to have if I can't use it with my cell phone. I've tried twittering from my phone by sending SMS's to the UK number but that didn't work. Maybe there have been delays verifying my phone, but since Twitter doesn't send out SMSes to non-US numbers it's difficult to find out.

Today, I learnt about twe2.com, which allows non-US and Canada people to receive tweets. So I signed-up for that today and the one direct message I've received didn't come into my phone. I checked on their website later and found out that they are back-logged in confirming new accounts.

So, I'm thinking.... It would otherwise have been such a useful tool and I'm keen to explore the possibilities.

Update (18/2/2009): My Twe account has been confirmed and I just received my first direct message. Now, let's see if my mobile number has been confirmed by Twitter.

Update II (18/2/2009): I stumbled across this post with tips on making more effective use of Twitter.

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