Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Nation Mourns

The nation's mourning goes on. It does seem like business as usual, but some of the radio stations replaced their regular programming on Monday with sad or melancholy music. The funeral of the first lady will be on Friday and already, Ogun state has declared that day work-free.

Meanwhile there has been a lot of criticism regarding the response to the plane crash. Apparently, 16 hours after contact was lost with the Bellview Airlines plane, aviation authorities still had no idea where the plane was. So, of-course, if there had been any survivors (which does look unlikely considering the impact of the crash) their chances of making it reduced with every passing hour. It does raise a lot of questions not only about strengthening the emergency response system, but also of airplane safety.
There is an interesting article on the BBC site about how difficuit it can be to get accurate information in Nigeria.

Yesterday was the orientation of my batch (Batch B) for the NYSC program. I still have little idea what my community development (CD) group- Anti-Corruption- is meant to be doing, but I'm sure I'll get more of an idea as time passes. Two group leaders will be selected and I hope things will start to come together after that, because spending several hours jisting at the local government secretariar really isn't what I thought community development would be. We will see.

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