Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Started Work

I started work last week. I'm working at an oil and gas consultancy. The firm organizes training workshops for engineering firms, recruits on behalf of many oil and gas firms and also provides consultancy services. I wasn't too sure about the exact nature of my work (yes, I was really prepared). I thought I would be participating in the surveys and writing of reports, but found out that I will be managing the training part of the firm. This is a rather intimidating prospect, especially as I will be dealing with engineers, trying to get them interested in our workshops and I am not an engineer. I'm picking up a lot though.

As with many fairly small organizations, you get to wear many hats and so I will be assisting with some consultancy work. I have also been entrusted with getting the training lab workstations networked to each other and to the Internet. I will, of course, be researching, selecting and working with a service provider to do this and not doing it myself- much as I would like to put into practice some of what I learnt in my networking course. No seriously, I have forgotten a lot of what I learnt and feel guilty about such good knowledge going so badly to waste. From the first day when I had very little to do, things have certainly picked up fairly quickly. Nothing has yet to beat my last job, where I was charged with getting a content-rich suicide prevention website up within a month though.

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