Monday, October 17, 2005

Nigerian Blogging

I got Internet access at work. Hurray! I now know for sure that I am a child of this new era. My computer at work was only recently kitted out with a wireless adapter, which allowed me to get onto the 'Net. Until then, I could only use the computer to type documents and, try as I might, it is very hard for me to see a computer but not be able to access the Internet with it. Something seemed so wrong. Anyway, I now happily "logged in", so to speak.

I found a great site for people interested in technology for development or "ICT4D" (Information and Communication Technology for Development), as it's also popularly referred to:

Gbenga Sesan's Blog
Gbenga is a former youth information technology ambassador for Nigeria. From his site, you can link to a few others.

There also appears to be quite a significant number of Nigerians with weblogs:

I especially like Molara Wood. A fellow blogspotter, she has her blog laid out really nice with a few photos- what I would do if I had more time.

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