Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Anniversary

It occured to me that my last day at my job in Boston was Friday, July 29th. I left Boston on the 4th of August. I'm always so amazed by how rapidly time moves, but this past year has been a really exciting one in many ways. Moving is always slightly nerve-racking; moving countries or continents even more so. I think I crammed quite a bit in the year and I've learnt a lot about myself, what I like, what I can handle (quite a lot, as it turns out). I've learnt to be more patient (I think, though others might disagree). I've discovered talents and strengths that I had only a slight suspicion that I might possess.

So what have been the down-sides, you might ask. Nigeria can be a very frustrating place to live and work, but all in all, it's been a fairly small price for all the things I've gained in return.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

That's positive.

Vixen said...

You are a bright ball of sunshine!

Ore said...

I try, girl! But it's hard. Sometimes I just want to be a bitch about everything.