Friday, July 07, 2006

Busy, busy

Feels like a long time since I last blogged from work. Our internet connection has been very patchy. Infact, you can’t really call it a service. It could be off for most of the day and come on about an hour before the close of business. 'It' (like it has a mind of its own) also has a wily habit of being off from the moment we start work, but comes back on just about the same time that my boss is getting into the office (it’s very strange that .....). So when we are constantly saying that we have not been able to do this, that or the other because the connection has been down, it starts to look a mite suspicious.

NYSC is almost over – thank God!!!!!! I enjoyed it in many ways, but it has also been quite stressful and I’m looking forward to that phase of my life being over. I’m sure in a few years time, I’ll hardly remember it, so much so that I will wonder if I actually did it. Work has also been fairly busy too. Sometimes it feels like I’m juggling so many things and am in an almost constant harried state of mind. This is very different from the public face I put on things, which is a mostly calm demeanor. Inside, however, I’m going crazy with all the things I have to do.

So, as you can see there’s a lot happening, but not that much that I want to blog about. Just felt like writing.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

I was totally like you when I 'discovered' the internet in 1997. I went totally crazy. Access then was at work only (I was in Abuja at the time) and I used to get into work at about 6:45am just so I could log on. They thought I was a conciencious (did I spell that right?) worker, little did they know. Teehee. But yeah it wears off.

I have noticed though that I have times when it peaks again and I can spend hours just jumping from page to page and blog to blog (I am going through that phase at the moment) and there are times when I just cannot be bothered. You know, like when you read an interesting post, want to leave a comment but just can't be bothered to. So while I am on a roll, I've been doing the rounds and updating my links as well and adding on little gems I have found.

Congratulations on the (nearly) completion of NYSC. But quite frankly, between you and me, it's a total waste of time and I cannot understand why Nigerians abroad uproot their lives just to go back home to serve. Beats me. Not once, in 11 years has anyone ever asked me for my NYSC certificate. Coming to think of it, no one has asked me for my university degree certificate either LOL!!

Ore said...

I can understand your feelings about NYSC being a waste of time. Shame, because it really has the potential to be so much more but it's badly managed, structured and (apparently) funded (though you never know).

People want to serve because "you never know......" My firm recruits on behalf of companies and they always ask to see an NYSC certificate of completion. Plus, there are those people who think they might run for political office (though, Nigeria being what it is, I'm sure there is a way around that).

Congrats on updating your links. I know I need to do that, but don't know when I will ever get round to doing that (maybe never. LOL!!)

Vixen said...

You got me hooked on that Let's Talk Hair website. I have to check in there daily now---it's all your fault:)

Ore said...

LOL, Vixen! I think I visited that site once and I haven't been back since. I don't think they had much on natural hair.

Well, glad to hear that you're liking it.

Chxta said...

My NYSC is one of those times in my life that I look back to with a lot of nostalgia.

I hope it ends up that way for you too...