Monday, July 10, 2006

Jude Law - What's the Fuss?

Like Stevie Wonder asked "What the fuss?" or something.... Alfie is on MNET at the moment. I've seen it before, so I'm not really watching it. But what I am doing is trying to figure out why Jude Law is considered such a sex symbol. It's kind of beyond me. He looks short on screen, though I guess in real life he's probably taller than he appears. He's waifish looking. I could go on. I don't get it.

Meanwhile, Nia Long is positively incandescent. Omar Epps looks good too, though he always seems to get the slightly-clueless-or-not-quite-living-up-to-potential-hot-looking-guy roles.

NB: How was Alfie able to survive the artic temperatures of a Northeast winter going about the streets of NYC in little more than a blazer and a scarf? Doesn't even look like he owns a pair of gloves!


.bkree said...

You're watching the wrong movie. Alfie will ruin your opinion of him. Watch "Cold Mountain" or "Wilde," or "Closer." He's a excellent actor given a good script and director.

Alfie is an embarassment. I think the director who also wrote the script is responsible for it being so stupid. I'll bet Jude Law considers it an embarassment.

He made Inman (Cold Mountain) come alive for me as the best possible man. He'll be a national treasure for England someday. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

You might want to get your eyes checked out. Jude Law is a gorgeous man, a walking piece of art. Alfie was not a great film (though IMO not an embarrassment as bkree said). Regardless, Jude is the best thing in it, as is usual in his movies. The pool table scene between him and Nia Long was hot hot hot.

Everchange said...

Oh comon! LMAO you're thinking too much Ore...he was able to survive the winter because it just wasn't that cold. Duh.

Jude Law is gorgeous. Alfie was not an embarassment, I mos definitely preferred it to Closer (puke). I liked his character in Alfie as well as I Heart Huckabees. Jude Law is hot..just not such a great personality in my opinion. Funny, I didn't like Nia Long in "Alfie" at all, except the sex scene with Law. They didn't explore her character well enough, or give her some hmph! for me to like her. And I thought her hair was AWFUL and she just seemed so old. You got the sense she had like ten years on Jude Law.

My Talking Beginnings said...

dats the movies for you lovely!

Ore said...

LOL!!!!! My eyes are working great, thank you very much.

Despite my not finding Jude that attractive, I think he did a good job in "Alfie". His was a much more light-hearted character than the original Alfie, which I saw afterwards (and which I liked more).

I'm yet to see "Closer." I think MNET is showing that tomorrow night.

Ayoola said...

I'm still trying to understand the whole Jude Law hoopla myself. One day, we barley knew about him and then the next, he was all over Hollywood, starring in every film showing at the cinema.

I didn't care for "Alfie" too much but it had some entertaining parts including the bar scene with Jude and Nia Long, who was so sexy in it...and there was nothing wrong with her hair!

Jude was pretty ok in "Closer" thought I didn't like his character too much. He was pretty weak, whiny and selfish.

adefunke said...

Bow legs baby!!! Thats the only reason I think he is sexy, and he is slim so the 'second skin' (close fitting clothes) look suits him.

Anonymous said...

"Alfie" was filmed in Manchester, England.

Ore said...