Monday, July 10, 2006

A Week of Rest

This week is Corpers' Week. It should be a week of actvities for youth corpers. I know that being NYSC, things will not go as planned. Today, for instance, was supposed to be the official kick-off with corpers from my LGA (as well as some other LGAs) to meet at City Hall. After signing in, it was pretty much ado about nothing.

So, I'm taking this week as a mini-vacay. After taking care of NYSC stuff in the morning, I plan on getting important errands done and resting. Maybe I can FINALLY finish the Bebe Moore Campbell book. I recently started buying newspapers (This Day and Guardian) everyday and this week I will be able to do more reading and less skimming.


Frances Uku said...

ooh, i do love a bit of vacay - yours sounds well-deserved! just don't forget about your faithful readers while you're at it ;-)

Ore said...

I won't, girl! I am going to try and finish my book before I sleep tonight. I think I'm also coming down with a cold. Well, at least, it's good timing.