Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hair Today! Gone Tomorrow!

LOL! Very bad play on words, I know. I'm not referring to my own hair either. I've had some kinky twist extensions in for the last 6 weeks, which I'm taking out. Six weeks is an eternity for me to, firstly, wear one style and, secondly, to have extensions in. I hate the feel of hair by the sides of my face (except during New England winters, of course). However, I love kinky twists. I adore big hair and my kinky twists definitely fall into this category. Also, they are the only type of extension style that last a while with my natural hair. With other styles, after two weeks in, I feel like I look like I've dragged my head through a series of very thick shrubs. Well, maybe I exaggerate.

I think this will become my staple style whenever I'm tired of wearing out my own hair. Speaking of which, although I've only had these twists in for 6 weeks, it seems like a lifetime ago that I wore out my own hair. Now, I think I'm beginning to fall prey to that condition that seems to afflict many Nigerian women, namely the Eternal Fake Hair Syndrome. I'm already wondering what extension style to do next and how I will deal with my own hair.

No, I must not become one of those women whose own hair never sees the light of day, who you wonder actually have any hair of their own, who actually start to lose their hair as a result of the constant fixing of this, that and the other.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

Oh no Ore!!! May I be the first to remind you of those good old days of 'I can't stand extentions', eh?
Do not succumb!! YOU HEAR ME?? :-)

Ore said...

I know, I know...... But now, I can understand why many Nigerian women hardly wear their hair out. When you are so busy, you don't want to think about doing your hair. Plus, it's so cheap to get it done.

But I will fight the urges.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel u Ore...I feel u men!
I'm wearing kinky extensions right now....absolutely love's been 5 weeks tho and I can't wait to get back my own hair again (kinky twist of course)'s tough maintaining natural sha...low maintenance but highly retro and funky:)

sokari said...

I normally braid my own hair in different styles and sometimes just get bored and cut it all off and start again. For the first time in my life I have braided with extentions and believe me never ever AGAIN. Apart from having to sit for 4 hours I feel like i am carrying 1.2 kilo on my head in 40C heat - not pleasant. I still have another 6 weeks to go before i reach 3 months which is how long i said i would keep them in. I feel for you!

d said...

don't succumb. pls. i'm tired of the fake hair and black women tied at the hip thing. it's too synonymous to be comfortable.

Ore said...

Sokari, 3 months is a long time to have braids in. I know many women do that, but you should be careful that it doesn't start to pull at your hairline too much as your hair grows.

d, are you in Lagos? Fake hair is so common here that I almost do a double-take when I see a woman wearing her own hair.

sokari said...

Thanks for the advice Ore, I am actually taking them out this weekend which is a nightmare in itself but like i said I tried it once and once is enough.