Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Problem Shared with Madame Ono

I enjoy reading the Life supplement that comes with The Guardian every Sunday. However, the low point of the publication for me has to be the advice column with Madam Ono. I like to read advice columns to see what I would do in the position of the person with the problem. I also like to see if I would have given the same advice. There are some advice columnists with whom you feel an immediate sympatico, based on their recommendations and suggestions. There are some others that make you think What the hell???

Madam Ono falls in the latter category - infact, sometimes it's What the *%#@&! hell??????

This week 20-year old Temmy Tunrapee wrote in about her boyfriend's incessant demands for sex. Whenever she has complained about it, her BF tells her that he only plies her with so much pressure because "he is doing that because he loves me. According to him, that is the only way he can show it."

ROFL!!!!! This explanation has to be right up there with You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex; or You can't get pregnant if you have sex standing up; or blue balls.

I expected Madam Ono to tell Temmy off for having her mind on such frivolous matters when she should be facing her studies (as she has been wont to do in the past). To my shock, however, Madam O advices Temmy to "adopt a positive attitude to sex." In short, give in to his constant demands.

First off, Madam O, Temmy is only 20 - a fairly young age and really if her BF loved her that much, he wouldn't pressure her into doing anything that she's not comfortable with. Yes, I know we hear that piece of advice all the time, but I believe that it's absolutely true.

I think "Madam Ono's" advice must come from a different person each week, because her advice is so inconsistent and swings wildly from the very puritanical to the anything-goes mentality. I think the more liberal personas are most likely men, as their advice tends to favour the man in the situation.

I just hope that these poor people who write in have other people in their lives who they can share their problems with because quite frankly Madam Ono's advice frequently falls short of common sense.


Pilgrimage to Self said...

How much is a copy of the Guardian on sunday these days? I used to look forward to grabbing my dads copy every sunday.

Pilgrimage to Self said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Just finished reading the rest of the post! Is Madame Ono on something? Besides, methinks most of these Dear Aunt Abbie colums in Nigerian newspapers are made up.

ayoke said...

I concur with PTS; most of those columns are made up.

PTS, The Guardian is 200 naira on Sundays.

Ore said...

Ha! Even if the problems are made up, they should still be able to give some good advice, shouldn't they?

Adunni said...

I absolutely agree with PTS and Ayoke. Most if not all these agony aunt columns are made up full stop.

BTW We're passing out in two weeks .... can't believe it myself. How time flies.

Ore said...

Yay to passing out soon. Can't wait!